Thanks to over thirty years of activity in the CE marking sector, the Teslab laboratory has gained considerable experience in every aspect related to the certification of products for third parties.

We are able to accompany you in a complete and professional manner along every stage of the qualification process:

– Support for the identification of applicable rules.

– Advice in the design phase in order to avoid errors that are often trivial but which could delay the marketing of your products.

– Execution, at our laboratory, of the tests required by the regulations with immediate help for the resolution of any non-conformities detected.

– Preparation of the technical file.

Our strength is the customers themselves with whom, over the years, we have established an excellent relationship of trust.

Thanks to this, word of mouth has led us to work with an increasingly rich customer base in the following sectors:

  • CE Marking (Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electrical Safety)
  • Medical devices
  • Automotive
  • Defence
  • Aeronautics
  • Railways
  • Naval

Our laboratory is spread over 1000 m2 physically divided into seven test rooms:

  • Two semi-anechoic chambers
  • Test room for immunity to conducted disturbances
  • Test room for IP tests (Solids and Liquids)
  • Test room for Vibration tests
  • Test room for Climate tests
  • Test room for electrical safety tests


 Main services

  • CE Marking
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Weighing Instruments Approval
  • Automotive Sector
  • IP protection level
  • Railway Approvals


Feature services

CE marking

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Weighing Instruments Approval


Railway Approvals


TesLab and Nikola Tesla

Simil vision

In the year 2002 three employees of the Protecno laboratories of Pisa decided to exploit their experience in the field of testing to create their own entrepreneurial project. One of the first problem was posed for the choice of the name to be given to the new society. The three immediately agreed that the name Testlab would have been too trivial ... [Read]

EMC and Problem Solving

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